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If your drains are blocked or your pipes are producing strange odours
 then you might need your drainage inspected. 
Drainage inspections can diagnose problems in your pipes and lead to 
professional cleaning that can prevent further damage. 
At Vid-Pro Services we have all the best equipment 
and the expertise to meet all your drainage requirements, 
from inspections to servicing. Our team has been operating out 
of Taranaki for more than 20 years servicing Taranaki, Wanganui and Manawatu.
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Servicing Your Industry

The team at Vid-Pro Services are proud to inspect, protect and clean the drains, mains and sewers for all sorts of clients. We specialise in the CCTV camera inspection and water blasting of sanitary sewers, stormwater drains, water mains and general pipelines. 

We can inspect and clean your pipes whether you’re a local body like a council or just a homeowner with a drainage issue. We provide our services to local bodies, farming communities, residential properties and the petrochemical/plant industry in Taranaki. 
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Who We Are

Our team of drainage experts has been serving your community since 1995, combining our professional knowledge with practical knowhow and the best equipment available. We have 4 fully trained, full time employees who can unblock, clean and inspect your drains. 
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Drainage Industry Leaders

At Vid-Pro Services we are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of our trade. This means maintaining a high level of workmanship and education, and only working with the best equipment. Our cameras and will provide a complete picture of your drainage health and our water blasting services will restore them to their best.

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